A Red Rubber Ball Foundation scholarship changes lives

A scholarship is a passport to the future

For children who can’t afford to go to school:-

  • their school fees are paid so they complete four years at secondary school
  • they attend our workshops to develop the ‘anything is possible’ mindset
  • and beyond school, they get help to apply to university & college, including student loans
  • have access to interest free RRBF further education loans
  • and get mentoring to further education and employment.

It all starts with a scholarship. Read their stories…

 “You make me a star, and I promise to shine bright”

Our sponsors have given 300 bright young people the chance to complete their education and reach their full potential.

Cycling clubs provide an opportunity for children to have fun, learn skills and build confidence.

Support beyond school helping sponsored students to find work or set up in business.

Villagers learn farming skills and are given plants and seeds to improve their own crops, and obtain clean, fresh water from our bore hole.

Latest news

Onguko’s story

Onguko’s story

Onguko completed school in 2014 with an A grade in his final KCSE secondary school exams.  This is extremely rare in Kenya, with less than 1% of students generally achieving an ‘A’ grade. It secured him a coveted place to study for a degree in Actuarial science at...

School grades

School grades

The school system in Kenya is undergoing change and we are closely watching how these changes are being implemented.  One of the aspects is a shift from an exam-based system to assessment-based results. It will be a challenge to get right.  The existing exam-based...

Mount Kenya climb

Mount Kenya climb

I often use the story of climbing a mountain as an analogy for the challenges that we face in life.  There are some really useful parallels – things that get in the way, uphill struggle, altitude, coping when not at our best … there are so many similarities. It’s one...