“We are too poor to afford an education, but unless we have an education we will always be poor”

Those words explain why the Red Rubber Ball Foundation exists – to provide opportunities for young people across Africa, but primarily in Kenya, to get a full education.

We believe that ‘anything is possible … if you put your mind to it’.

Through these four main projects and the support of individuals, families, companies and schools in the UK and beyond, children get that chance to escape poverty once and for all.

Our sponsors have given nearly 150 bright young people the chance to complete their education and reach their full potential.

The only school in Kenya with its own cycling club, provides an opportunity for children in Kibera to have fun, learn skills and build confidence.

Our students are matched with business leaders who become their mentor and help them pursue their ambitions.

Villagers learn farming skills and are given plants and seeds to improve their own crops, and obtain clean, fresh water from our bore hole.

The Red Rubber Ball Foundation was set up by Neil Kirby – here he explains why we do what we do.  Our efforts are all voluntary – Neil gives 5% of his business income to the Foundation + an even greater % of his time.

This means  that all fundraising, governance and admin costs are fully covered.

So we can guarantee that every penny donated goes 100% to these projects.

The Red Rubber Ball Foundation is an independent charity, with no political, tribal or religious allegiance. We have supported boys and girls from all backgrounds in 20 of the 47 counties of Kenya. Our only criteria is that they need our help.

Latest news

Review of 2019

Review of 2019

The year saw us go through a full cycle in many different ways. School sponsorships Several of the very first students that we sponsored back in 2011, who completed their four years at secondary school, have now completed a further four years at university.  So the...

Wesley: MY STORY

Wesley: MY STORY

Currently studying:  Bachelor of Science in radiography At:  Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology I was born in a family of five in Kisii county. My father (now deceased) was in casual employment at a Tea Processing company in Kiambu. I was enrolled...

Blood, Sweat and Gears

Blood, Sweat and Gears

The cry of “bump, bump, bump” and “knees up” are still vivid memories of our bike ride around the base of Mount Kenya.  “Bump, bump, bump” was the call along our line of riders as we came across the triple bumps in the road designed to slow motorists, but a hazard to...