I’m delighted that we can still confirm that every penny we’ve ever been given by sponsors, donors and supporters has gone directly to the projects we are involved with.  We’re able to do this because I commit 5% of my business income to the Foundation to cover those admin, governance and fundraising costs that we incur.

Since we began, we’ve invested £258,867 into our projects and you can see from the chart how the money has been spent; £159,351 being into scholarships.

You can see a review of the work we did in 2017 here.  We’ve since paid out a further £23,543 in scholarships for 2018, bringing the total number of children supported to 167.

Thank you to everyone who has provided funds, kit and encouragement for our projects.  I hope you’re pleased with the progress and the difference we’re making. Read the full review of the year.