In their own wordsOne of the lovely things about providing our scholarships to children in Kenya is to read the letters they send through to their sponsor.  These can tend to be infrequent. As the children are spread all across Kenya in around 75 different schools, and mobile and internet access can be quite patchy.

However, the children always express their immense thanks to their sponsor as without this support they simply would not be in school.

I wanted to share with you just some of the comments from recent letters as these give an insight into life for these kids …

I am glad that I am talking to one who has been more than a mother or father to me.  I thank you for the sponsorship since I got to Form One until now, that I am looking forward to sitting for my final examinations – Calsin


Indeed being in high school for almost 3 years has been the best moment in my life since I was born.  I am also excited to finish and move on to the next level at university and do my engineering course – Brannel


This is something I don’t take for granted, since there are many children who are unable to go to school, due to lack of school fees, and have missed such an opportunity – Simon Peter


I vow to work tirelessly and produce better results to ensure that your fee is fully and well utilized – Sheilah Mary


I have so many friends both in school, in church and also at home. My friends are caring, honest, cordial, kind and brave as I am. My friends also have qualities like; they are loyal, respectful, non-judgemental and also polite. Our school is nice and such an adorable place to be. The teachers are nice and friendly – Georgina


I had never thought of having such a golden opportunity. I chose to light my future. I decided to combine academics and athletics. I’ve learned that we live in a competitive world, but I choose to win – Lyn


Remember, these children are writing in their third language (after their tribal tongue and Swahili).

They also share what life is like at home and at school, including other sports and activities they’re involved with.

Sickness had caught up with me until I was unable to take my examinations properly. It was found out that I had allergy of dust, smoke, shoe polish and perfume – Jesca


I played netball, I really love it. I proceeded to the sub-county levels and my school was very proud of me. I promise to go on next year and work to the national level.  I was given an opportunity to be the Environmental Secretary. I appreciated that position because they saw leadership skills in me. I promise not to drop in my studies – Purity


Our debate club also participated on the great debaters contest which is usually aired on the national television: and I was privileged to be part of the team.  Being that the debate contest was a regional event many schools attended, and I really learnt a lot from other students from different schools.


This term I was also elected as one of the student leaders and I hope I will learn how to be a good leader from it – Brannel


The term has been good and full of activities such as Science and Engineering Fair which was held in our school at zonal level. The school also participated in Drama Festival and managed up to Regional level – Eli

And we ask that students ‘pay it forward’ …


I have been motivating other students at local primary schools back at home, even in school to my fellow students and I have seen the positive feedback. Some people are really progressing well as a result of two or three talks I had with them and myself I feel motivated when I see this happen – Noelaliz