He recently graduated with an upper second BSc degree in Actuarial Science from Multi-Media University in Kenya.

We first met in 2011 when Tonny became one of the very first students that we sponsored. He had scored 362/500 in his primary school exams which secured him a place at the prestigious St Joseph’s Rapogi secondary school.  It was a fantastic effort.

His family circumstances though meant they were unable to afford the school fees. We found him a sponsor and after four years he completed secondary school with an outstanding A- grade.

Now, four years on from that Tonny writes, “I wish to pass my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Red Rubber Ball Foundation. What you did for me 8 years ago, was the greatest stepping-stone in my life. I wouldn’t have realized all this dream on my own. It’s been a great tussle; you being one who held my ladder to reach this higher point of learning. I wish The Red Rubber Ball Foundation all the best. Pass my regards to everyone”.

We were delighted to provide Tonny with a scholarship to complete his secondary schooling. He then made the most of this opportunity. Congratulations Tonny from The Red Rubber Ball Family.

Hands up if you can hold a ladder for someone like Tonny