Arnold wants to be an architect.

He is a lovely boy; very bright, with plenty to say for himself.

Arnold comes from a single parent family and would have finished his education at primary school if we hadn’t been able to find him a sponsor.

He writes, “thank you Steven (his sponsor) for giving me the opportunity to go to school.  It’s because of you that I’ve managed to go on with my studies.  I could never have been in school without your support.  The results I come out with I hope will please you.  Bless you for what you’ve done for me.”

He’s doing well in school; he’s a class prefect and loves football, chess, and scrabble.  He plays the trumpet in the school band and is part of the boy scouts’ group that reached national competition finals.

It’s fair to say, Arnold is making the most of the opportunity his sponsor has given him.


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