Veron is the life and soul of any party!

Veron’s storyHe came to the workshop we organised for the sponsored students in November 2018 and told us his story.

“I live in Kisumu, which is very serene and not too hot.  I have my mother and brother, my father died five years ago.  I like all subjects.  We choose eight subjects and I like them all.

Sometimes there are some problems, but I know how to deal with them.  I play jazz and rap, and I like public speaking.” 

We soon saw just how much he liked public speaking – when he had the microphone, the audience were eating out of his hand.

As to what he thought of the workshop: “I’m speechless actually as it’s not what I expected.  Its extremely fantastic to meet new people and I’ve never experienced most of the things I’m experiencing here right now.”

There was an added bonus for him at the workshop, as he met his sponsors there – they volunteered to come with us and help run the workshop, so that they could meet him.

Veron is now back in school following the closure due to COVID.  He sits his final KCSE school exams in March.  We wish him well.