The Kenyan Ministry of Education has now announced the fees for the forthcoming 2021 school year beginning in July.  And it is good news.

These are 45,000 Ksh for National schools + those located in the major centres of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika and Nyeri.

National schools take the very best pupils and have the best resources.  Pupils who are offered a place here have the best chance of progressing on to university.

The government mandated fees for the local county or district schools are 35,000 Ksh.

Both rates are below the levels for 2020.

National schools District schools
2020 fees 53,554 Ksh 40,535 Ksh
2021 fees 45,000 Ksh 35,000 Ksh


2021 Scholarships

So this is allowing us to reduce the cost of our scholarships for 2021.

In addition to the school fees, we now employ a full-time Kenya programme Manager to oversee the students we sponsor.  Based on our new student passport, Bakhitah will be running an annual one-day workshop for all sponsored students to help them make the most of the scholarship.  This will include helping them consider and take responsibility for their own ambitions and aspirations, plan actions they can take to make the most of their talents, explore ways they can ‘pay it forward’ by helping others, and be inspired by local speakers and sponsored students now at university or working.

We will also begin a pilot mentoring programme (called Tumaini or ‘Hope’ in Swahili) with Form Two pupils where each will be mentored by a university student near to their school.  Their mentor will offer guidance, keep them on track and provide remedial teaching if required.  And it will be a good experience for the university student.

This will enhance our scholarships even further as we aim to give our students the best chance in life.

Our intention is to expand the benefit of our scholarships through workshops and mentoring, while keeping the cost below the 2020 rates.

This means that we have set the scholarships for 2021 at:

And we will continue to support a small number of children as day pupils.  Studying as a day pupil is more difficult as children return home each evening, with less chance to study under a paraffin lamp and needing to do household chores.  But it helps some children like those who are caring for siblings and means at least they get some schooling.

Day pupils = £90 + gift aid = £112.50.  This equates to £7.50 per month (+ gift aid).