Ways to help

There are several simple ways you or your company can make a massive difference

Some of these ideas won’t cost you a penny…just a few minutes of your time.

And 100% of the money goes to helping children.

Fundraising Regulator

Simple donation

Whether you make a one off donation or give a regular monthly amount, this is the best way to support projects like our scholarships, farm, mentoring programme and cycling club.

Just Giving

Sponsor a student

For the same price as an iPad you could change the future for a child like Mercy, her family and her community. Scholarships start at £25 p.m.

Shop Online

The next time you shop online you could be raising money for our work at no cost to you.
It takes just 5 minutes to setup and you can choose from several options.
Its simple to register.

The 100 Club

We’re aiming to have 100 businesses which have donated £100 to our projects.

The 100 Club is giving dis-advantaged kids in Kenya the chance to complete their education.
It genuinely gives them a chance to escape poverty forever.

We’re looking to find 100 companies who will contribute a minimum of just £100, allowing us continue and extend this work, with workshops, a mentoring programme, even student loans for those going on to college but struggling to get their government loan.

Thank you to all of the businesses that have contributed – will you be one too?

Just Giving