9 ways to help

There are several simple ways you or your company can make a massive difference

Some of these ideas won’t cost you a penny…just a few minutes of your time.

And 100% of the money goes to helping children.

Fundraising Regulator

1. Simple donation

Whether you make a one off donation or give a regular monthly amount, this is the best way to support projects like our scholarships, farm, mentoring programme and cycling club.

2. Sponsor a student

For the same price as an iPad you could change the future for a child like Mercy, her family and her community. Scholarships start at £25 p.m.

3. The 100 Club

We’re aiming to have 100 businesses which have donated £100 to our projects.

4. Hire our Smoothie Bike

Have fun and raise funds at the same time – simply add fruit and juice then provide some human pedal power to make your own smoothie. Great for parties, team building, well-being events and be the centre of attention at conferences and exhibitions

5. Donate Kit

We can always use your old kit for our cycling club – bikes, clothing, tools, books and magazines. These all help equip our cycling club and encourage the interest of the children in Kibera.

We use second-hand mountain bikes in our club which have:

  • 26” wheels
  • rim brakes
  • seven or fewer gears on the rear cog.

This helps us minimise the different spare parts needed so the bikes are easier to maintain and keep our costs down.

We can take other bikes – such as road bikes and hybrids like this one – if you permit us to sell these in the UK to raise funds for spares etc.

6. Buy cycling themed stuff

Our friends at Cycle of Good have a variety of cycling themed products – all made from 100% recycled bike inner tubes saved from UK landfill.  They run a tailoring training programme in Malawi – once qualified the tailors can but a sewing machine to set up their own business.  They make things like school uniforms to sell locally and these handcrafted cycling goods.

Here’s what’s available.

7. Hold your own event

Hold your own quiz night or other event with family, friends, colleagues or contacts – get together have fun, raise funds.

We’ll help you with things you need like quiz questions, raffle prizes, collection buckets …

8. Save a Life

Save A Life capsules are designed to contain pills for use in an emergency or your regular dose.

They are also suitable for other small items, like a rolled-up bank note, spare hearing aid batteries, or your address and a contact phone number.

Put it on your key ring and you’ll have it when you need it.  They are robust, damp-proof and neat; useful and unobtrusive on your keyring or in your handbag.

And just £3 each.  They are supplied by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City, all proceeds go to local charities including The Red Rubber Ball Foundation.

9. Shop Online

The next time you shop online you could be raising money for our work at no cost to you.
It takes just 5 minutes to setup and you can choose from the three options.
Its simple to register.

Smoothie Bike

Our smoothie bike is a great way to have fun and raise funds for our Kibera Cycling Club.

Whatever your age you can make your own smoothie using some fresh fruit and your own pedal power.

It’s available to hire for events – staff team building, wellness or fundraising events; conferences and exhibitions (it’s a great way to make your company stand out, attracting attention and bringing people to your stand).  You can even hire it for a birthday party.

Interested?  Want more details?

Asking for more information does not commit you to hiring our Smoothie bike.  We’ll simply get in touch with details of uses, costs, delivery etc.

The 100 Club

The 100 Club is giving dis-advantaged kids in Kenya the chance to complete their education.
It genuinely gives them a chance to escape poverty forever.

We’re looking to find 100 companies who will contribute a minimum of just £100, allowing us continue and extend this work, with workshops, a mentoring programme, even student loans for those going on to college but struggling to get their government loan.

Thank you to all of the businesses that have contributed – will you be one too?